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The Dragonborn - Page 4
She got her war axe out and executed him.
She ran forward looking at two archers; she ran and killed them within no time.
Archers aren’t that great in close combat.
Casotta took a bow and all arrows she could find, she said “I’ve got 26 arrows”
Hadvar answered: “Good work”
Casotta already explored ahead and found other bone meals, gold and potions.
And at that moment she heard a strange crawling sound, Sarah started sneaking, hoping it was not too late.
She looked and saw three spiders crawling around; she took her bow and an arrow. She was great in archery and knew the secret of a powerful archer. Take your time.
She took her time and shot the spiders one by one. She sneaked forward and two bigger spiders came out of two holes looking at their young.
Casotta shot one out of the sky, but the other one already landed and had Sarah in its sight.
Hadvar assisted Sarah and battled the spider; quickly Casotta took an arrow and shot it through the huge hea
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The Dragonborn - Page 3
Hadvar helped Casotta releasing the bindings, he said: “OK, let me check that chest if I can find something or these burns” Sarah said: “No I’m fine, I only need to get armed up”
She check some chests too, took 2 swords, a cuirass, boots and a helmet. Sarah said: “This can do the trick for now”
She practiced a little with the swords and said to Hadvar: “I am used to use a bow with arrows, or an axe in close combat, but this can do the trick too.”
Hadvar smiled and opened a gate, Sarah took both her swords walking to the next gate, she opened it herself and heard two Stormcloaks yelling: “IMPERIAL DOGS!” Sarah ran to them and slashed their throats.
She looted the bodies and moves on.
There were two others waiting and Casotta drew her swords rushing at them.
They drew their war hammers but Sarah was too fast for them. The enemy was defenseless.
She looked around, it was a storage room, she took every piece of food, ingredi
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The Dragonborn - Page 2
Hadvar looked at the list, her name wasn’t there, Hadvar asked the Captain: “Captain, what should we do, she’s not on the list?”
The captain answered: “Forget the list, she goes to the block”
“The captain has spoken Casotta, follow her nice and easy.” Said Hadvar.
Casotta signed and followed the captain. A priestess of Arkay was giving the prisoners their last rites.
A Stormcloak soldier had to go first and walked to the block. His head got chopped off and they dumped the body few meters further.
The captain said: “Next the renegade from Cyrodiil” Casotta walked to the block and laid hopeless down.
But at that moment, General Tullius said: “What in oblivion is that?”
The captain asked: “General, what do you see?” A huge black dragon landed on a tower and the village people started panicking “A DRAGON! A DRAGON!” everybody yelled.
The dragon SHOUTED and the people passed out for a few seconds
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The Dragonborn Page 1
Two women and a guy ran through the forest, while being chased by Imperial soldiers.
The guy was called David and yelled: “KEEP RUNNING! THEY CAN’T CATCH US!”
Ashe and Casotta kept running but Casotta overran herself and fell.
Ashe and David looked back while Sarah yelled: “Don’t worry! I’ll get myself out of this!”
Ashe and David kept running and Casotta was arrested.
She sat down on the carriage, hoping the others fled, but soon Ashe and David figured out that these imperials were too fast, David said: “Go on ahead! I’ll stand guard!”
Ashe kept on running and said: “Yes sir!”
Three imperials were standing in front of David and he drew his sword.
One of the soldiers said: “It’s a bad time to get lost friend!”
The imperials drew their swords too and started fighting.
David was able to kill two of them but the third one killed him.
The imperial thought: “I can’t find that last girl out
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Since I moved to a new place my interested has been extra crappy.
It is actually being drained by some of my housemates and that is only the least of the problems that is hanging on my shoulders.
I am actually now fighting fierce and aggressively to get a friggin' place on my own so I can finally upload more of what I made.
I am working currenly on a book called "The fate of an empire" which is about the Fross Fairy Empire.
Meanwhile I have done a tremendous amount of researching to increase my knowledge.
One thing I find greatly positive that is that one of my housemates has studied exactly the things I need to make Planet Fross more realistic.

Once I live on my new place, I will delete all my content and re-upload the ones unchanged.
Unchanged physical, all animal will get a bigger Biography, environment information, that will explain their evolution onto the bones.
All animals are even given a scientific latin name as well. For instance the Forest nation Fross Fairy is scientifically called "Dryadalis latus alae" which means "Elf side wings"
Which the first one of them has appeared 120,000 years ago.

To give a little taste by the way about how big the information will be what I have written animal by animal and plant by plant.
I will show a Pre. text about one of the animals created, Nézpel.

Name: Nézpel [Minutum avis bellum]
Life: Carbon based
Super Kingdom: Eukarya
Kingdom: Animals
Phylum: Chordates
Class: Aves
Order: Bella nutriunt [Warmongers, an order on Fross]
Family: Cerebrum erudiri [Brain trained, on Fross it means they're highly intelligent hunt with more efficiënt strategies]
Genus:  Avis bellum [War birds]
Species: Minutum avis bellum [Small war bird]

Height: 20 centimeters.
Lengte: 12 centimeters.
Wingspan: 50 centimeters.
Weight: 1.2 kg
PSI: 269

To know the general information and the split information about it's body parts, and how this creature has evolved you'd have to wait until I found a place to live.
One thing I know for sure, When you stand up against a colony of these warbirds , you'd better be fleeing as fast as possible.

Now last but not least the new book.
My old one is finished, and now I am busy with "The fate of an empire"

The book is about a very succesfull female human named Lulu that suddenly has to choose between helping out the Fross Fairy Empire by acting that she's in a relationship with her or the future of Humanity.
When she comes on Fross, to play her role realistic she has to learn how to live like a Fross Fairy.
During her stay she'll feel the gentle and fun touch of being accepted and cared for within the colony, but outside in the Frossian nature, she'll be forced to survive against both Flora and Fauna.
Will Lulu survive in a harsh alien environment meant for greater evolved Humans, adapted to that environment or will her Human limitations mean her end, and that of all life in existance of Planet Earth.
To know more you can wait, or if you can't wait you can add my Skype and receive Previews of my book everytime I write a little bit more.
Skype: darkfairysamantha.
At this moment I already have four more people that wanted to read previews and are thrilled to read more of the book.
I hope you are interested as well as the reader of this journal.

When I have a solid place to live I will upload more of my stuff, way more detailed then it was before.
Well, take care everybody and I'll see you in the future.



Neverendingbrain's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello I'm Samantha Kyoshin, I live in Holland, born 2 May 1994.
I'm a woman, gay, and I have a few mental problems.
I've been diagnosed with Autism, PTSS, androphobia, inferiority Complex and an indentification problem (I'm in denial of being human, feeling ashamed of this dumbass shit race) and I am just here to create animal for the Empire I've been building up.
Not just a small Empire, it is a huge Empire. I'll upload everything I have from Planet Fross. The main Planet of the Fross Fairies.
There are not many people who are able to become friends with me just because of my strange personality.
I've been learning for learning languages and I'm busy with many so... if you want to say Hi, I dont mind if you use your language.
I'm also great at knowing the universe... trying to make my animals at least a bit scientific explainable.
I might upload new things in waves. First time a alot... Later less... after that again a lot, then again also less. That's mostly because I play more then one game. These are the games I mostly play: Skyrim, Spore, Dungeon keeper, Pokémon (Emulator), RA2, Tiberian Sun and mostly Dress up games on AzaleaDolls. I also play a strange dragon game thingie... here's the scroll, check out my dragons they wuv you. I name all of them when they reach adulthood and Don't think wtf if I call you a Kitty, I do that with almost everyone, Idk why, I'm just weird, but proud of it as well xD
want to know my History? Or just a question? Or wanna help me with evolutionary research... Send a note or leave a message.
Trolls will not be fed btw and uhh...
You can also add my Skype... I act (RP/SL) Just search: darkfairysamantha. NOTE: I do not cam or voice chat, any of those will be immediately REFUSED. Only my lovely catily sister SoftPlayFairyTeddy (Check my watchers) is allowed to cam with me.
That's all I have to say for now c:
I have a scroll:


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